Elemental Pack 

      of Xanadu

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Welcome to the Elemental Pack of Xanadu

The wolf song sings about

a forlorn fate. 

They live as a lonesome

breed, on singular prowl. 

Alone in there wild forest

home as guardians of this wood. 

Living high on timbered mountain tops. 

The room deep shadows. 

Ranging free while only the whisper of their silent paw prints cross valleys and meadow. 

They sing to the midnight moon

¬©FireFang Alpha

This is an Elemental Roleplay site where you can interact with your other wolfy members and share wonderful adventures and stories. You will have your own username and password when you sign up, as well as avatars you can set up and profiles where you can describe your wolf/s. 

Please read the rules upon joining as they are very important.

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This website is under construction and still new. Please be patient.

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